The Talbots

The Talbots

Monday, February 19, 2018

Las Vegas...

Brady and Scott had a four day weekend so we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas since Kacie got the flu after Christmas and we couldn't go then.  We headed out Friday around 9:00 am.  We made it in about 10 1/2 hours.

When we got to Vegas we got dinner at Raising Cane's which we all loved.  We stayed at the Palms Palace.  Reid and Laura stayed a couple of nights prior and so they extended their stay for us.  We were able to stay three nights for $255.00.  Brady was just bummed he couldn't see the strip from our room but it was still a pretty good view.

We all thought it was crazy there was no shower door or curtain and Scott was missing his bathtub.
On Saturday we went out to the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory.  We got us a few treats and then walked through the cactus garden which was pretty cool.

Their chocolate covered strawberries were to die for and Brady loved their white chocolate cupcake.

We then got some burgers at In-N-Out Burger.  We were shocked we were able to get Brady to eat one but he agreed to a plain burger with only ketchup and he ate the whole thing surprisingly.  We then went to see the Hoover Dam.  Brady was pretty excited to see the progress of the construction on the new Interstate 11.     

This was a huge improvement from the last time we went.  Before Brady wouldn't even get close to the rail.

We then went to the Stratosphere.  When we went into the casino it was daylight and then by the time we made it to the top of the Stratosphere it was nighttime and boy was it a sight to see.  So amazing!  Kacie and I went on "Big Shot" and that totally took our breathe fun!  We spent quite a bit time up there walking around and taking in the view.  Scott then lost about $24 on the slot machines and then we went to the Bellagio and spent a couple of hours there walking through the garden and watching the fountain.  It was a fun day!

Brady's happy place...

Sure love these two...
Day 2 we walked through the Paris casino which was amazing and then went up the Eiffel Tower.  It was pretty fun but boy was it windy up there.

I thought these bathrooms were so cute.
Cute stage in the casino.

We then had a late lunch at Bubba was so fun and the food was soooo yummy!!!
Fun picture with my buddy!
The kids got some fun drinks in these cool glasses that they got to keep.
Brady got strawberry watermelon lemonade.
Kacie got a slushy raspberry lemonade.

Jenny's food was so good!
Scott loved his four types of shrimp.

Kacie loved her shrimp scampi.
Brady had fried chicken.

We then walked down to the Hershey store.  It was a fun store and we were able to get some souvenir's for the kids and their grandparents.

Statue of Liberty made of chocolate.
Made of licorice.

We couldn't believe all the flavors of kisses...
We then had to drive out to get some Nelson's Frozen Custard... so yummy... Then we went back to the hotel and Kacie stayed while Scott and I took Brady to see the fountains two more times before we drove him down the strip one last time.
Our treats for the ride home...
On our drive home we got into some scary snow at times.  What was weird is then about ten miles down the road it would be bone dry.
I loved how these pictures turned out at the fun!   I absolutely love making memories with these three.  I love them so much!  We had a great trip, but it was weird not seeing Reid's family while we were there.  They spent the weekend camping.