The Talbots

The Talbots

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Taylor's Homecoming Dance...

I was privileged to help Taylor get ready for her first homecoming dance.
  I did her nails and makeup...she looked so beautiful! 

Taylor's hair looked so pretty thanks to Mallory Jensen!  We were lucky that she happened to be home from college for the weekend.
Found out this was Josh Dorathy's first date too!  They were so cute!
Cute...Cute Cousins!!!
Taylor looked so beautiful!
Sunday we met up to hear all about her dance.  We were all so happy she had such a wonderful first date and homecoming dance!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Fall Choir Concert...

 6th Grade Choir
 Advanced Middle School Choir...they sounded great!

 Select High School Choir... Taylor, Maya and Hailey all had solos!
Their numbers are really's kind of sad!


I'm so upset we didn't get a picture of Grandma Sue with Brady...
After the concert we went to A&W for hamburgers and ice cream!
It was a fun night and Brady did awesome!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Brady's 13th Birthday...

Brady chose to have a Harry Potter party for his 13th birthday!  It is always a lot of work but so worth it in the end.  Everyone had a great time, the food was awesome and I had a happy birthday boy!  Believe it or not, but this is Brady in that wanted poster! Everyone kept thinking it was Teniele, I think the hair was throwing everyone off.  haha! 

I was pretty happy with how his cake turned out and these banners that mom helped me make.

The food is one of my favorite parts.  The kids love all the candy from Honeydukes!  I added the Nimbus 2000, Sour Slugs and Owl Droppings this time.
Everyone helped bring stuff which really helps.  I did the cake & ice cream, Shepard's pie, lemon water, candy and butter-beer.  Tara did the pumpkin pasties.  Stacie did the polyjuice potion. Wanda did the veggie tray.  Lori did the herbology bites and mom did Molly's meatballs and cockroach clusters.

This was a fun game I added for the little kids...Quidditch!  They had fun throwing the balloons through the rings.

Brady loves to look through yearbooks!

cuties...Lea & Brady
Brigston, Liam & James

Sure love these people!!!

HAHA! Tommy and Crayton
Tommy & Tara's Family

Lori & Weston's Family
Sheree, Ely, Brigston & Evelyn


Lindsey's too cute!
Mackenzie and Tara

Grandma Joan with Jim

Brady was so happy he got what he asked for!
Tommy counting out his birthday $$

From Weston & Lori's Family

From Stacie's family!
From Grandma and Jim

From Tommy and Tara's family
From Talbot grandparents

From Schulthies grandparents
Also gave Spiderman movie

From Kendalee and Lea

From Sheree and kids

Happy 13th Birthday Brady!  
We sure love you!
So grateful for everyone that came to help make his party a success!