The Talbots

The Talbots

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Independence Day...

We woke up with no plans to celebrate the 4th but then Steve called and said he had extra tickets to Roaring Springs so once Scott got done working around noon we headed over.  Ron and Stacie's family also went as well as Stephen, Ferrell, Kendall, Steve and Kris.  It was fun to hang out all together.  We were the last one to get there and so we were also the last ones to leave around 6:30.  We then got some dinner at Blaze Pizza again.  Then we headed home before going to see the Ontario Fireworks.
Alexz took this adorable picture of Kingston...
Sure love this cute family!
This was the only picture I got of us so I had to play with it a little! 
 I sure love these people!

After the firework show we went back to Ron's house and Steve had a few fireworks to set off.  I thought it was funny when Ron thought it would be better to put the cones on a ladder.  I guess there is a first for anything. haha!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Kingston Elias Talbot

Kingston made his entrance into this world on June 16th at about 3:40 am.  He weighed 8 lbs 2.2 oz and was 21.5 inches long.  We are so excited his is finally here and we are soooo happy for Kevin and Alexz!  Lindsay was also excited since he came on her birthday and one day before Alexz's birthday.  Kacie and I went to see them at the hospital after taking Brandon home.  They all looked exhausted but so happy!

I absolutely love these pictures that Alexz took of him when he was a week old.

We went to visit them at their home on June 29th after we got our oil changed, got a few things at Costco and ate at Blaze Pizza.  We love it there!
 My yummy!
It's nice that we can all create what we want.

We were able to have a nice visit and love on little Kingston!  
It was so good to see Kevin and Alexz too! haha!

Already learning how to rock! haha!
Sure love this little one!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Utah plus Jocelyn & Sterling's Wedding...

I can't say we were surprised when we found out Jocelyn was getting married, but I still can't believe it! How could it be that Kacie's friends are now old enough to be getting married.

June 2nd Mom and I were lucky to attend the temple with her when she went for the first time.  That morning we went to her bridal shower.  After the session at the temple some of us went out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse.  It was a special day!  Kacie didn't want to miss out so she tagged along and waited for us outside of the temple.  I think Jocelyn was surprised and happy she was there.

June 20th the four of us went to Utah and stayed in Brigham City at the Crystal Inn Hotel.  It was fun exploring this cute city.  We went and check out the temple and ate at a pizza restaurant.  It was fun.

We set up my phone next to the fence and then I took this picture with my watch...crazy technology!  The next day we ate lunch at the famous Mattox Steakhouse.  It was so yummy! Brady had fried chicken, Scott had a shrimp patty and Kacie and I had steak, but the best part was their yummy rolls with raspberry butter and the coconut cream pie after!

We then went to see Travis and Natalie Rawlins and their two adorable kids Paxton and Lindsey just born on June 8th.  We brought them some gifts and had a nice visit before heading to Jocelyn's reception.  They asked me to provide the background music.

Such pretty girls!!!
The reception was nice but boy was it hot. After the reception Kacie stayed with Jocelyn, Mallory and Madi at a hotel in Logan.  Scott, Brady and I went back to our hotel in Brigham City and we watched Brady swim for a little while.  The next morning we went to their sealing in the Logan Temple.
Brady is so cute!

Scott was such a good sport to come with his broken toe!

Makenzie H, Kimberly H, Mallory Jensen, Madi Carson, Markie H, Allie H.S, Jocelyn, Megan H.B, Jacelyn (Sterling's brother's girlfriend), Ashley H, Shayna (Sterling's sister) & Kacie

Susie Ellsworth Stout took their pictures...she did an awesome job! After the wedding they feed us a nice lunch at one of the churches there.  We had chicken cordon bleu with rolls, salad and scallop potatoes and dessert.  It was really yummy!  We then headed home with the addition of Mallory with us.  We had a good trip!  Saturday night she had her reception at the Hartley residence.  It turned out really nice too.  They asked me to do the music again plus they had a fun dance.  We got home around 10:00 and I told Kacie I can't believe how tired I am and you weren't even the one getting married! haha!

So happy for these two...Sterling is a great guy and a good match for Jo!